BLUE MONDAY : our five TIPS to beat the Blues

Blue Monday falls on the third Monday in January, and is said to be the single most melancholy day of the year. 
Days are shorts and dark, the cold nights are long, our bank accounts are hurting for the holidays and the summer is still faraway.
All reasons to feel a little down.

But in reality, remember that you are in control and that Blue Monday is a day determined by a PR company.

Whether you’re a believer in Blue Monday or Not, here are some tips for beating the January blues and turn this Monday into a Bright Monday !


Tip 1: Sleep well and get up 30 minutes early

Adequate sleep is a vital tool in preventing a low mood, as without it people find they struggle to think clearly.
So go to bed early to be able to wake up earlier and take time for yourself. Time in the bathroom, time to sit down and eat breakfast.

Our tip: Choose the flavored LEBON toothpaste that will give you a boost of energy for this Monday and the one that will fill you up with sun !


Tip 2: Food

No need to rush on the first fast food … We must take care of our diet and load it with vitamin D, otherwise we feel more sadness.

Apparently, we should also eat fish, pickles and drink black tea. Which are all Smile allied food.


Tip 3: Exercise

Another way to combat Blue Monday is to do exercise. Whether it is going for a run or taking a class at the gym. Exercise releases endorphins and can help boost your mood.

It is a great tonic to feeling down and get better.

You know what else is helpful? Instead of exercising alone, invite a friend to join you. Having a friendly chat is another way to boost your mood.


Tip 4: Let the music play

It doesn’t take a scientist to tell you that music can affect your mood. Indeed, it can improve blood flow, lower levels of stress related hormones and ease the pain.

So what are you waiting for? Open up your favorite playlist and start listening. And if you’re at work, just do like us, work in music, everyone will be in a good mood !


Tip 5: Make plans

Give yourself something to look forward to! It can be something as simple as meeting up with a friend for coffee or planning new vacations. Making plans and knowing that you’ll do a fun activity can give you a brighter start to your week.
Anything that gets you feeling excited about the future will do!

Why not think of a sunny vacation to brighten your day? Swap the routine to a tropical country! But this is maybe a luxury that you cannot afford?
LEBON makes you dream and travel from your bathroom thanks to the aromas of Pineapple, Rooibos and Mint, found in its Tropical Crush toothpaste for an instant trip to the hot tropical beaches of Brazil.

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