As a Premium Oral Care Brand, our goal is to take care of you, your mouth and your health. This notion of care goes hand in hand with the well-being, health and even to preservation of our planet.

Indeed, we have to worry about the well-being of our planet, and we try to do our best to preserve it.



You probably wonder why we use cardboard boxes?

Much more than simply brushing your teeth, we propose a plain full experience around flavors which implies textures, taste and smell.
Beyond the tasteful experience, we attach particular attention to the aesthetic of our products. This is why our tubes are wrapped into some beautiful cardboard boxes issued from forests that are managed responsibly and sustainably, to offer you a complete experience.

Indeed, lumbering can have a positive impact on the protection and the development of forests when these ones are responsibly managed and controlled.

This is where PEFC certification comes in, safeguarding our forests.

If these forests are PEFC certified, they are managed t ensure their sustainability. Harvesting trees therefore has no impact on these forests because they will be replanted in numbers.

PEFC which means: Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes, is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit environmental organization. This label, originally from Europe that has now spread to the whole world, is the largest certification system in the world with more than 320 million hectares of certified forest area worldwide. 

The PEFC label offers a future for our forests, so that our children can also benefit from healthy forests, as it ensures they are managed according to strict criteria and that the flows of wood, from the forest to the consumer, are closely monitored and controlled by independent certification organisms. 

As the certifications indicates: We need to use our forests. If we don’t, the land will be used for other purposes, such as cattle ranches or soy plantations. Buying forest products, such as wood and paper, gives the forest value, it creates demand, and provides a financial incentive to keep a forest, a forest.

Therefore, we always must favor the purchase of PEFC certified products (or another similar ethical label).

By purchasing these certified PEFC (or similar) products, you can be assured that you are not contributing to deforestation. On the contrary, you very probably participate to the process of reforestation.

Did you Know?
The global area is about 30% forest.
The forest situation is not good in the world especially in the Tropics region. With a loss of more than 10 million hectares per year. This disaster has unfortunate consequences for biodiversity, man and climate.

This is why all our cardboard cases are PEFC (or FSC) certified. They are made from paper that comes from sustainably managed forests.

Our cardboard provider is a recognized cardboard company based in Finland named Metsä Board

The company is constantly committed to promoting sustainable development in all its business activities and operations. Concerned about the regeneration of forests, they make sure that the wood they use exclusively comes from sustainably managed forests according to criteria issued by the PEFC organization.

For example, for each harvested tree, they plant 4 new trees, and so participate actively in the process of Reforestation.

Did you Know?
Finland, home country of Mestä Board, is the most wooded country in Europe.
Forests cover about 75% of Finland’s area.
In the last 40 years the stock of forest growth has increased by more than 40%.
And the share of strictly protected forests represents 9% of Finland’s total forest area, which is the highest share of all Europe.

Beyond the materials they produce, Mestä Board strives to work with ethical, reliable and environmentally responsible suppliers, whose responsibility and quality facilitate long-term cooperation and responsible profitability.



Unable to be recycled yesterday, the toothpaste tubes that ended their lives either buried or incinerated, are now recyclable.

But Why?

Currently, toothpaste tubes are not being supported by the communities to be recycled. Toothpaste tubes, like yoghurt’s cups, are classified as “complex” wastes that need specific technology to be recycled, that public recycling centers do not possess.

These traditional sorting channels do not have the necessary technical and financial resources, to process this type of waste.   

Toothpaste tubes are not covered by communities for another reason as well. Opposed to LEBON toothpaste tubes, the majority of toothpaste tubes contains residue of toxic substances (Triclosan, Fluoride,…), that come from the paste. During the traditional recycling, these residues pollute recycling waters and by that, the collectivities forbid their management.

Thanks to TerraCycle, an organization which eliminates the notion of waste by recycling the “non-recyclable”, it is now possible to recycle what was not recyclable yesterday.

Whether it is your coffee pods, used pens, plastic gloves or toothpaste tubes, TerraCycle allows the collect and recycling of all types of waste, and most particularly the toothpaste tubes.

Toothpaste tubes are recycled into what?

Recycled toothpaste tubes create other materials that can, then, be used in molding or extrusion techniques and can be transformed into street furniture or building materials.

As Greta Thunberg says, You are never too small to make a difference. We all have an important role to play, now that we are aware of these new recycling possibilities.

Our encouragement for today is that even though we probably can’t be “zero waste”, we have to focus on what WE CAN DO!

Our planet literally NEEDS each one of us.

So, let’s take action, make little changes every day, do the best we can and DON’T focus on perfection. Perfection is not achievable.



The LEBON family.

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