Simple Self Care Routine

Simple Self Care Routine To Increase Positivity And Productivity

It can’t just be our daydream to be relaxing at the spa when we’ve had a rough week and are feeling a little down. But who has time and money to spend on weekly spas?

As Mental Health is super important to us, to avoid burnout, it is essential to give yourself a break every now and then to simply relax.

Feeling like a Queen (or King) should not need to come at a luxury cost! And we all may not be able to take luxurious vacations whenever we would like to. This is why we have concocted you a super simple self-care routine to spend time nurturing our mental health, and show ourselves some self-care and self-love with an at-home spa of our dreams!


Get prepared to feel relaxed, less stressed, and oh so luxurious!



Detox your mind and body with infused water!

  • Citrus twist: Lemon + Lime + Orange

  • Better digestion: Cucumber + Strawberry + Lime

  • Glowing skin: Cucumber + Lemon + Mint


Make your own face masks with ingredients from your kitchen

  • avocado + agave nectar

  • oatmeal + agave nectar

  • and don’t forget to put cucumbers on your eyes



Take a long, relaxing bath

  • transform your bath tub into a mystical hot tub

  • add bath bombs to make bubbles

  • surround it with candles to have a cocoon atmosphere

  • put relaxing music on

  • soak for 20 minutes and relax

    Grab your favorite nail polish and give yourself an at home manicure and pedicure

  • choose a color that makes you happy


Finish your day-spa focusing on your mental health

  • doing yoga

  • meditating (try an app)

  • writing in a planner/journal

  • coloring in an adult coloring book

  • reading (re-read your favorite book)

Keep away from anything negative; people, thoughts - positive mindset to perfect your self-care routine and feel relaxed and refocused.

Happy Relaxing,


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