How are LEBON Essentiels toothpastes whitening?

To restore a bright, radiant smile, the toothpastes in the LEBON ESSENTIELS collection contain Papaya extracts, and one of them contains Natural Charcoal for an enhanced whitening action.

The benefits of Papain

The natural extracts of Papaya contain an enzyme: Papain. Papain participates in the natural whitening of teeth by progressively dissolving stains, tartar and dental plaque. The natural Papaya extracts contribute to the natural whiteness of your teeth.

Natural Charcoal Toothpaste - For an extra whitening effect

Charcoal has been known for generations for its whitening action, it is a powerful anti-tartar, anti-stain...
At LEBON, we use an ultra-fine charcoal that does not weaken the teeth because its abrasiveness is counterbalanced by the naturally remineralising Hydroxyapatite. Charcoal also acts in synergy with Papaya to give your smile a brilliant whiteness.