A sensory journey
LEBON toothpaste collection is packed with natural goodness and organic ingredients. It offers you a green and clean alternative solution to chemically-loaded toothpastes. With our nine natural flavors, take time to re-center and rebalance at the beginning and end of each day by treating yourself to a sensory journey through time. Bringing joy into even the simplest tasks can turn your daily rituals into something magical.

The natural whitening effect
The formulas of the whitening series are enriched with papaya’s extracts which enclose papain enzymes. These enzymes allow a natural and gentle whitening by removing stains without damaging the enamel of the teeth.

All about our ingredients
Your mouth, like your gut, hosts millions of bacterias, both good and bad, known as the oral microbiome. Keeping the natural balance of your oral microbiome is essential to the health of your teeth, gums and mouth and it is also the gateway to good gut health...

Your favorites

Le White
Sweet Extravagance
Cap Ferrat Mood
Rhythm is Love

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