LEBON Oral Care was established in 2015.

Co-founders Stéphanie and Richard Palacci had a wild idea to revamp the daily oral routine.  Instead of mundanity and chemicals, the wish was to offer an environmentally mindful, healthy and tasty alternative.

Together, they worked to distinguish the LEBON brand by creating products whose composition went beyond reproach. No longer would consumers need to choose between health and pleasure.

Richard, a Doctor of Pharmacy who graduated with specializations in Dermo-Cosmetology and certifications in Phytotherapy and Medicinal Plants, poured his heart and science into  developing and refining the formulas that would eventually become the LEBON Flavorcare collection.

Since it debuted in 2015, the collection’s nine distinct flavors have continued to delight the most picky palates while invigorating the ho-hum oral routine.  Employing organic, natural ingredients together with aromas created in the famed perfumeries of Grasse, the Flavorcare collection takes one on a Proust-like journey with each brushing experience.

At the same time, a new demand had quickly arisen for a more accessible, all-thrill and no-frills toothpaste that combines 100% organic, natural ingredients with robust efficacy, all the while maintaining eco-conscious sustainability throughout the entire production process.

Ask and ye shall receive.

After much research and more development, the LEBON family expanded in June 2021 with a second distinguished collection of four toothpastes: LEBON ESSENTIELS.