Sweet Extravagance


Rose + Orange Blossom + Mint

With its audacious combination of mint and orange blossom, enhanced by a hint of rose, Sweet Extravagance is a your invitation to uninhibited delicacy. As the name exhorts, it is a tasty recipe for those who crave bursting sweetness without all the saccharine, for lovers who oscillate between the wafting scents of floral and fruity.

Dominant aromas:
- Fresh breath
- Energy
Orange Blossom
- Calm and balancing

Secondary aromas:
- Comforting

Key ingredients:
Organic Aloe Vera
- Naturally protects the gums
Organic Green Tea
- An alternative to chemical fluoride that naturally protects teeth enamel
Stevia Rebaudina
- Natural sweetener

Floral + Fruity +
#delicate #sophisticated

Best moments
Morning and evenings
- When you need that special kick - OR - when you want to add an extra touch of glam to your charms.

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