Lick Those Lips and Scrape That Tongue

While brushing your teeth with quality toothpaste is the foundation of good oral hygiene, there are other routines that complement and complete the healthy mouth. One prime example is scraping… the tongue? This ritual is widespread in Asia but is often neglected in the rest of the world. In India, for instance, tongue scrapers have been used since ancient times to purify the mouth.

At LEBON, maintaining a healthy oral microbiota is our top priority, which is why we also produce and offer this very indispensable accessory – the tongue scraper.

Why scrape the tongue?

One of the main benefits of tongue scraping is that it alleviates halitosis (bad breath). Food residues may accumulate on the tongue, resulting in bacterial overgrowth that release the volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) responsible for bad breath. Cleaning the tongue and removing this white-colored layer significantly reduces halitosis.

Combating unpleasant breath is not the only reason for using a tongue scraper, however. According to Ayurvedic Medicine, tongue scraping and scratching not only aides the mouth's natural detoxification process, but also strengthens the immune system. That is because the mouth acts as one of the first defenses against harmful bacteria and viruses. This holistic approach emphasizes how scraping the tongue also activates the production of saliva, which promotes good digestion.

Last but not least, when the tongue is free of this useless layer of germs and food residue, the mouth’s taste buds can fully savor the flavors offered to them, from grandma’s secret pie recipe to your favorite tube of LEBON.

Scraping the tongue requires very little time and is a great way to complete your oral routine. With a healthy tongue, you won't hesitate to blow a sweet kiss or stick your tongue out at the camera, if you so desire!

Why Stainless Steel?

While some advocate Copper for its antibacterial power, the metal can oxidize very quickly. We opted for a stainless steel tongue scraper for its long-term and maintenance-free utility.

How does one properly use a tongue scraper?

  • Open mouth wide.
  • Stick out the tongue as far as possible.
  • Hold the tongue scraper by each of its two ends with both hands. Position the curved end on the back of the tongue and, with gentle pressure, scrape the tongue from back to front.
  • Repeat the motion 4 to 6 times, while rinsing the scraper well between each stroke.
  • When finished with the treatment, rinse the tongue scraper with hot water and dry it. It is best to store it afterwards in a case or drawer.
When to use a tongue scraper?

Ideally in the morning, on an empty stomach.

If your tongue is very pink and homogeneous, and you happen to wake up in the morning with (rather) fresh breath, it is not necessary to practice this ritual every day, as cleaning the tongue too often and unnecessarily could disrupt your mouth's natural detoxification process. It is therefore important to adapt the frequency according to the state of the tongue. A pink tongue is a good sign that there is little deposit, and therefore using the tongue scraper two to three times a week is sufficient. However, if you notice issues with your breath or recognize a tongue that is too sticky and mushy, then complete your morning mouth cleansing with this valuable tool, and start your day with a light tongue!

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