Travel with LEBON

As the idea of brushing with LEBON transports you from the comforts of home to other enchanting destinations, then it only made perfect sense that LEBON plays travel guide to followers of the brand. EVASION MINI GUIDES by LEBON are not meant to be exhaustive or replace well-established travel resources. As with all things LEBON, the narrative resides in finding special experiences. The main idea here is to share good tips for the easy-to-please yet discerning, mindful traveler. EVASION MINI GUIDES by LEBON will give an insider’s insight to local experiences and divulge the “little addresses” that will go far IRL. LEBON does its part to aid in creating the unforgettable, future memories that will keep your heart aflutter and mind flying high. The series will include gem hideaways in the south of France or even in South and Central America, to major cities such as New York and Paris. Our first edition is dedicated to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.