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Mango + Mint

If your office daydreams take you to a tropical getaway on a secluded beach, then get thee Back to Pampelonne. Inspired by the legendary allure of Pampelonne beach, this vitamin-packed, mango-flavored powerhouse will bring you a few steps closer to that irie summer, once upon a time.

Dominant Aromas:
- Vitamin-rich and sunny disposition

- Fresh breath
- Energy

Key Ingredients:
Carica Papaya
- Natural teeth whitener

Organic Aloe Vera
- Naturally protects the gums

Organic Green Tea
- An alternative to chemical fluoride that naturally protects teeth enamel

Stevia Rebaudina
- Natural sweetener

Fruity +++
#vitamin #good mood #sunny #tropical

Best moments
Mornings and days when you have to sing in the rain.

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