Fearless Freedom


Black Currant + Mint

Fearless Freedom is a gourmet blend of Black Currant and Mint that leaves you with a feeling of liberating intensity and tasty freshness. This dreamboat dressed in sharp black and gold is a journey into daringness and curbed inhibitions. A concentrate of energy and positive vibes, and the ideal choice to start your day off with enthusiasm and creativity!

Main Aromas:
- Fruity and tangy flavor
- Energy

- Fresh breath
- Energy

Key Ingredients:
Carica Papaya
- Natural teeth whitener

Organic Aloe Vera
- Naturally protects the gums

Organic Green Tea
- An alternative to chemical fluoride that naturally protects teeth enamel

Stevia Rebaudina
- Natural sweetener

Fruity ++ Freshness ++
#intense #gourmand #stimulating # energizing

Best moments
- Mornings, before an important meeting or prior to going on stage.

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