Rhythm is Love


Yuzu + Ylang Ylang + Mint

Rhythm is Love is an aromatic symphony that comes direct from the traditional Asian pharmacopoeia. Containing the sweetness of Ylang Ylang and tanginess of Yuzu, it is harmony in a tube. Though it might not replace a Tai-Chi session just yet, Rhythm is Love will give your self-care routine a touch of serenity, balance and mindfulness to travel to your own beat.

Main Aromas:
Ylang ylang
- Sensual and euphoric

- Tangy 
- Self-confidence and inner balance

- Fresh breath
- Energy

Key Ingredients:
Carica Papaya
- Natural teeth whitener

Organic Aloe Vera
- Naturally protects the gums

Organic Green Tea
- An alternative to chemical fluoride that naturally protects teeth enamel

Stevia Rebaudina
- Natural sweetener

Floral + Fruity +
# smooth #harmonious # delicate

Best moment
Evening, ideal on a Friday night before (or after) your romantic dinner.

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