How to choose a good toothpaste?

Beyond its effectiveness, a good toothpaste should also be healthy in composition and pleasant to use! It is a toothpaste you can fully trust because it fulfills three purposes: cleaning your teeth, protecting them against cavities and dental plaque, and taking care of your gums. In addition to this triple action, the right toothpaste may optionally whiten teeth and brighten your smile.


It is also important to note that all these properties and all these beneficial, hygienic actions would not be sufficient if this toothpaste did not keep the natural balance of your mouth. The right toothpaste is therefore one that draws its effectiveness from employing natural ingredients that respect your oral microbiota. It is devoid of all substances that are potentially harmful to oral and overall health.


The most effective toothpaste should not create a tingling sensation, its taste should be pleasant, its feeling of freshness during and after brushing should be sufficient without being excessive, and its foam will be a light froth that lasts throughout brushing.


In summary, LEBON toothpastes, ahem, the right toothpaste is one whose natural ingredients guarantee a healthy composition, yet does not diminish its effectiveness in actively protecting teeth against cavities, not irritating gums, while harnessing whitening power.


For the icing on the cake, the ideal toothpaste comes in a variety of natural flavors and aromas that transforms brushing teeth into a ritual, filled with pleasure and invested healthiness, a moment of selfcare which we will never tire of.