What are the benefits of using natural toothpaste?

A natural toothpaste essentially contains ingredients derived from plants and minerals, and it is devoid of substances or chemicals that potentially disrupt the balance of the oral microbiota, as well as general health.


It is essential that its “naturalness” does not diminish its effectiveness in any way. With LEBON, these two qualities go hand in hand and are not mutually exclusive. Its ingredients, whether plant or mineral, will come from various cultures and origins, but the quality will always be maintained. To guarantee such consistency and effectiveness, we look to organic sources that have been certified. This certification ensures that the soil in which the plants grow is free from pesticides and other potentially toxic chemicals. The plant, and subsequently your toothpaste, will never contain any unwanted or harmful substance.


An “unnatural” toothpaste contains a whole arsenal of ingredients, active or not, that relies mainly on synthetic chemistry, and may even be derived from petrochemicals. The list of ingredients that must be excluded in a natural toothpaste is lengthy but we could mention a few: Saccharin, which is a synthetic sweetener from the hydrocarbon industry; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (called SLS ), which is a synthetic surfactant (foaming factor) that can cause irritation, tingling and micro-mouth ulcers; or Titanium Dioxide, also called CI77891 or TiO2, which is a synthetic white dye that is simply useless, but which is found in not only many toothpastes, but also industrial paints. Titanium dioxide is a potential endocrine disruptor which has been banned in foods in France since January 1, 2020.


Since your toothpaste is a product that you use twice a day, everyday of your life, even if such amounts ingested are minimal, it is best to avoid their potential toxicity and risk factors in the long term.


In short, opting for a natural toothpaste is above all making a choice, the choice to preserve not only your oral health, but also the well-being of your entire body.