Where do our aromas come from?

Grasse, capital of flowers and aromas

The cradle of perfumery, a paradise for perfumers, Grasse is the leading French territory for the production of plants with aromatic, cosmetic or medicinal properties. A unique and fertile land, bathed in sunshine and flooded with the warm light so particular to the Mediterranean coast, if Grasse saw the birth of perfumery several centuries ago, it still offers the best of innovation, ever more advanced and innovative extraction techniques to offer uniqueness and exceptional quality of aromas. An aura that radiates beyond the borders!


Each LEBON aroma has an authentic and environmentally friendly history, whether the raw materials are sourced from Grasse, with pioneering agricultural players, or from the ends of the earth.


Sweet Extravagance's rose is harvested by hand from mid-May to mid-June according to an ancestral know-how from an exclusive supplier in Grasse.


Rhythm is Love's Ylang-Ylang production is sustainable thanks to a joint venture with a Madagascan family and an innovative extraction process that requires little or no cooling water.


Cinnamon is obtained after the bark of the tree has been dried for 24 hours until it curls up and forms hollow sticks.

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