A flavour, a destination?

The LEBON logo represents a Compass Rose, which symbolises the infinity of possible destinations.

9 toothpastes that revisit the most emblematic and unique places of their wonderful journeys. St Jean Cap Ferrat, the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, Antibes or Pampelonne...

Villa Noacarlina :

Santa Teresa / Costa Rica

"Where the LEBON story began. This is our "secret place", where we lived with our children when they were small. A place between the jungle and the ocean, where the smell of plants and flowers in the rainy season is omnipresent."

Une Piscine à Antibes :

Antibes / French Riviera

"The swimming pool at the Cap Eden Roc hotel in Antibes is an inspiration. It is a very famous place where all the stars stay during the Cannes International Film Festival. It is a mythical place. A swimming pool in Antibes is a lot like diving into a refreshing pool on a hot summer day. A Piscine à Antibes provides that instant feeling of calm and relaxation."

Tropical Crush :

 Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

"One of our most epic trips, from San Paolo to Rio de Janeiro where the local joie de vivre is overwhelming. We put "sunshine in a tube" with this saveur."

Back to Pampelonne  :

Pampelonne Beach / Saint Tropez, France

"A picnic on the beach at Pampelonne, at the end of the day when the tourists have left, eating a fresh mango and mint salad surrounded by music, friends and family."

Rhythm is Love :

Taipei / Taiwan

"In 2017 we launched LEBON in Taiwan, during our stay we were lucky enough to be taken to the most inspiring places in and around the city, it was our first contact with Asia and we loved it. The contrast between modernity and tradition, which is omnipresent, inspired Rhythm."

Sweet Extravagance :

Hollywood / Los Angeles

"Chic and glamorous! A surprising mix of delicate and lush florals with a touch of glamour inspired by our trip to Los Angeles and especially the Beverly Hills Hotel."

Fearless Freedom :

New York City

"The energy of the city that never sleeps, where anything is possible. Fearless Freedom kicks you off to start the day - meeting - gym session - anything that needs a "little push" to cope."

Le White :

"The only one that was created without a specific destination in mind. We like to place it in Paris for the sophistication of that delicate flavor (sweet mint balanced with green tea), however it could be Morocco for its Moroccan sweet mint."

Cap Ferrat Mood :

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat / French Riviera

"We used to walk around the peninsula on hot summer afternoons, protected by the cool shade of the pine and eucalyptus trees. A nod to the timeless and classic Cap Ferrat peninsula off the southern coast of France."

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